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Welcome to our testimonial page! At Kids R Kids in Greensboro, NC, we strive to provide the highest level of care for children. By learning about each child's individual needs and interests, we help them feel safe and secure. We also seek ways to evaluate and improve our facilities, with feedback playing a critical role in our development. If you would like to post a testimonial, please click on the link below. You can also read reviews left by other parents below too. Thank you for your comments!

The best!
Kids R Kids Greensboro Regency Rd is the BEST Daycare in the Triad Area! I love the staff and they truly care for your children. All 3 of my little joys have gone here and I wouldn't choose any other place! #kidsrkidsc
Jackie M.
I'm a lucky parent.
My boys loved and are loved by everyone here. I'm a lucky parent.
Jenni S.
A beautiful center
What a beautiful center. Lots of smiling faces and caring hands. How wonderful to be able to watch you children all day no matter where you are.
Annette M.
Carla = Happy Camper at Kids R Kids NC1 !!!
Our daughter CARLA joined Kids R Kids NC1 in 2015, and we were thrilled by how quick she managed to get integrated in her class. Now she moved on, and on Aug-2016 she started the Kindergarten at Colfax Elementary, and the reason she is doing so great, is in fact the excellent curriculum, level of professionalism, and special attention she had at Kids R Kids NC1. Many THANKS to the outstanding Pre-K 2 teachers ( KENIA RORIE & JENNY FARRINGTON). They REALLY MADE A DIFFERENCE !!! P.S. Carla is missing & kissing you both!
Roxana & George Ungureanu
Son enjoyed it.
Son came here in 2008 when he was in 5th grade and in 2005 when he was in 3rd grade. He absolutely loved it and still keeps in touch with some of the friends he made there. He still looks on the program with nostalgia. The program helped him very well academically and he is now attending the University of California, Berkeley.
J. Li
Thank you for providing an excellent preschool environment
Hi Grant and Maizi My daughter Gina was a student at your school from 1997 to 2002. Gina is now 18 years old and heading to college in August of 2014. Gina had a very good friend that also attended Kids R Kids, Braxton. Gina and Braxton have remained very good friends throughout the years and met up with each other while we were visiting NC over Christmas. They both dropped by to visit you all on Christmas Eve but the center was closed for the holiday. They took a photo of each other in front of the Kids R Kids sign and I thought it would be fun to share it with you both. Braxton has a full scholarship to the University of Miami for football and will begin classes in January of 2014. Gina is being offered a scholarship to play soccer at Florida Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Fl. They are both "A" students and amazing athletes. We just wanted to thank you for providing them an excellent preschool environment. We have always felt that Kids R Kids gave Gina an excellent start to her school years. Thanks to both of you! Happy New Year!
D. Davis
She is well above her peers in kindergarten academically
I have 3 of my children enrolled. When I had my first baby I had her in another day care and I was not happy with the experience. A co-worker suggested I look at Kids R Kids, which is where she had her child. I ultimately enrolled 6 month old at Kids R Kids in the infant room. My concerns about day care were erased. A wonderful teacher by the name of Ms. Margi took a liking to my baby and made sure she was well taken care of and I was well informed on her care. I was so pleased with the nurturing that when I had my other 2 children I enrolled them as well. I now have a 5 year old in the afterschool program, a three year old and 1 year old at the program. I was amazed at how well prepared my 5 year old was for kindergarten. She is well above her peers in kindergarten academically due to the instruction she got in her preschool classes despite being one of the younger children in her class. I owe this to Kids R Kids.
J. Finer
Staff is really engaged in the teaching
My name is Raquel; I work for Volvo, close to the Kids R Kids NC1 in Greensboro, NC. We moved from Brazil in beginning of September to be in US for 3-5 years. My son Victor was already in a very good school in Curitiba, our hometown in Brazil. When visiting day cares in Greensboro I got really disappointed we would be moving him backwards. This feeling disappeared when went to Kids R Kids NC1 in Greensboro. Grant, the owner, spend a precious time explaining everything and we felt like bringing our child to a real school where besides the care he will be learning a lot and get prepared to go to the regular school. When visiting one of the classes the teacher mentioned she was very proud because some of her previous years students didn’t have to go to the Kindergarten, but went directly to 1st grade thanks to your learning program. At this point I felt the staff was really engaged in the teaching – they were part of the ‘mission’. Victor had – as expected – a lot of issues related to his language adaptation and teachers are supporting him a lot. He is really improving and continuing the learning experience he already had started.
R. Bossle
We are so blessed to be at Kids R Kids
My son Kaleb started at Kids R Kids NC1 in Greensboro, NC in February of this year. It was a hard decision to move him because we were happy where we were, but Kids R Kids was much closer and more convenient so we decided to take a tour. I met with Grant, the owner and he spent a lot of time showing me around the school and explaining how things work and answering questions that I had. It was a very pleasant experience and made a great impression on me so we decided to make the move. Not long after he started, he began having some separation issues. I obviously didn't want him to be upset and I didn't like to leave him crying and upset. His teachers in the Pre K 1 class did everything they could to help both of us. The fact that I was able to watch him through the Internet made me feel much better. I could see that he quickly adjusted once I left. I could also see how his teachers would take time to love on him and help get his day started. As a parent that made me feel so good because I knew he was in good hands. Over the next few months, Kaleb had some real challenges with going to school each day. He didn't want to get out of the van in the mornings when we arrived and he certainly didn't want to go through the front door. Different members of the staff saw how much I was struggling and they stepped in to help. They simply wanted the best for him and that included him being happy. This went on for what seemed like an eternity. During this time we found out that Kaleb was having some anxiety issues and had to start taking some medication. When Kaleb started arriving and coming in with a smile everyone including the front office staff, the cafeteria staff and teachers from different classes not just his class would cheer for him. He had the best smile on his face because they made him feel good. It is hard to put into words how much this has meant to Kaleb and me. He is learning so many great things and making new friends. We are so blessed to be at Kids R Kids and love to tell others how they have impacted us.
T. Martin
I feel safe and comforable
Kids R Kids NC1 in Greensboro is the daycare we use for our daughter and it was a tough decision to move her there. She had been at a center in Greensboro for 2 years that had a great reputation and was a non profit associated with a church (Early Childhood center) We moved her because her older brother and sister started a school near there and it made sense to have her closer. I always thought that kids r kids was (what I called a factory day care) I thought there would be no personal touch, etc.…. I was wrong My first visit I really thought I would not like it but was greeted by Grant the owner at the front desk and given a tour right away. Each room I passed through a teacher looked up and greeted us (kids came up and hugged Grant). I find that to this day as I walk through rooms (I have to go through 3 to get to my daughters room). A teacher in each room greets me! I have to say though that one of things that makes me feel the most comfortable is Ms. Tamika in the Pre K 1 room. She is not the lead teacher, but she is a comfort. She is kind, firm, supportive and caring. If you don't know her you can just look for the smiling lady with several kids attached to her:) She makes my baby feel safe and comfortable and therefor I feel safe and comfortable leaving my baby there. I am so happy that I walked into that building that first day and took a tour.
N. Berdeen
We love Kids R Kids
I just wanted to let you know why we love Kids R Kids. When we had our daughter Aspen in May of 2011 we were in search of a day care that offered part time. We found only one-day care that worked in our area, and so we went there. It was out of our way in Kernersville, but we had to go where we could. Months into our experience with this day care we slowly learned that the children were not getting water after playing outside in the summer heat, the infants constantly had diaper rash from poor hygiene and the staff would tell stories on how bad of a place this was. There were days that I would pick my daughter up and she went all day without eating or drinking her bottles. There were also four instances that we picked her up to find horrible bite marks on her hands, legs and even bite so bad that left teeth mark shaped scabs on her forehead. When we questioned the teachers and facility all we could get out of them was, "kids will be kids", or "i wasn't here to see it so I don't know". It was getting out of hand and we had had enough of the neglect of our daughter so I sought out Kids R Kids NC1 of Greensboro. Becky at the front desk was so sweet and helpful in working with me and the owner Grant in finding just what we needed. My daughter started shortly after and was a bit timid and was one of the worst nappers in her older infant room. However the teachers worked with me, and my uneasiness, to let someone new take care of my daughter, especially since we had not had a good day care experience in the past. The cameras that are for the parents made the transition so wonderful and the communication I have had with all her teachers has been a breeze. Since my daughter Aspens arrival in 2012 we have since had another baby. Hayden started in the infant room in August 2013. Since Aspen was a little older than Hayden I was not sure what to expect. All of the women who help take care of Hayden are my greatest gifts. I love that when I get to pick him up or I get home and scoop him up I can smell a bit of perfume that I know comes from the caregivers. That is such a heart-warming feeling to know there is someone who cares and will hug him when I cannot. I also love to hear how Aspen asks to go to school because she loves her teachers and she wants to go play. I cannot tell you how happy we are, knowing that we have such a team in helping us take care of our little worlds.
J. and K. Crigler
Looking for Nurturing Skills
I was looking for a childcare center with nurturing skills that resemble mine. My son was 3 months old when he started and needless to say, the thought of returning to work and being separated from him was extremely difficult for me to deal with. The first thing that attracted me to Kids R Kids was Ms. Cynthia in the infant’s room. Crying babies didn’t seem to bother/annoy her (her patience resembles mine). Her tenure in childcare was very attractive and leads me to believe she really enjoys children (her love for children resembles mine). My baby is breast-feed and the challenges I faced transitioning him to accept his breast milk from a bottle was tough. Ms. Tina M understood, she reassured me he would be fine and she shared stories of other children transition (her positive attitude resembles mine). Meet and Greet, no one does it better than Ms. Tina G. She makes you feel welcome when entering the classroom. (Her pleasantries resemble mine). Did I mention the classroom set up is wonderful? Awesome!!! Everything is bright and colorful. Lots of sunlight. Variety of age appropriate toys. Clean and pleasant smelling. Most daycares smell like “poopie doop, stankie dinks” – Not the infant room at Kids R Kids. I watched one day and I noticed they immediately discard the waste outdoors instead of leaving it inside the classroom trash. Smart! These three women are a blessing to the infant classroom and I really appreciate all of them. Sebastian is now 5 months and they’ve made my return to work a lot easier. Kudos to the Maizi and Grant for hiring such wonderful caregivers!
Sebastian's Mom
Amazed at the Care
I just wanted to reach out and let you know how amazed I am at the care that my child has received thus far at Kids R Kids off Regency Parkway. When I was little I stayed with a lady in her home with several other kids. My parents and I loved her so much that I stayed there from the time I was 6 weeks old to I was nearly 14!! I always wanted my child to experience that kind of love from their childcare. As a parent, a first time parent, I cried dropping Samuel off. I was afraid these ladies weren't going to love him like I do at home. Boy was I mistaken!! From the infant room, to now his toddler 2 room, the change in my son is amazing! He has blossomed and I must say, so have I. Watching him reach for those ladies now, the way I did when I was little, fills my heart. It makes my day knowing that now, someone loves my sweet boy, my only child, and the way I would. Thank you to these ladies and to Kids R Kids for making this first time mom such a happy gal!! Thank you and God Bless,
S. and A. Moore
Singing Praises
We cannot sing enough praises about the Kids R Kids NC1. As new parents, there is a lot of thought that goes into placing your baby in a strangers care. Our Daughter did not start daycare until she was 6months old. My mother watched Nadia for an additional 3 months after I returned to work. After completing the tour with another staff member, Grant called me to see if we had any other additional questions, as well as, offer for my mother to come in and do a tour as well. Of all the daycares my husband and I toured, he was the ONLY one that acknowledged indirectly that my mother needed to be just as comfortable as my husband and I in placing Nadia in their care. Her start was a rough one, but daily we watched as the infant 1 teachers (Ms. Cynthia, Ms. Sheila, and Ms. Tina) would sing/play with her and eventually we would log in and see a happy baby we were use to. Nadia is now in the Young Two's room and her language development skills are above average. I don't say that because she is our daughter, I say that because complete strangers have commented on it. She is 2 and can use sign language to express herself, she can use her words and carry on a conversation, and she can count in SPANISH. How awesome is that!!! We are extremely appreciative of the administrative staff, the curriculum, and all the teachers at Kids R Kids NC1. They are a great team/family oriented daycare that is truly a part of our extended family and village in regards to Nadia.
M. and D. Nicholson
The Best Day Care
All 3 of my children have attended this center. I could not say enough about this school. The teachers are so loving and caring. I felt so safe in leaving my children there every day. They were in such tender loving care. They make sure your child is ready for Kindergarten. My oldest is doing so well in school now because of the learning enviroment she had at Kids R Kids Regency. I give this school two thumbs up.
H Neubauer - AZ
Great place for kids care and learning opportunity
We love Kids R Kids at Regency Drive. The teachers and staff are fantastic. They truly care and nurture the children. Our kids love going to school each day. Mom and Dad go to work happy knowing they are in good hands. The preschool curriculum its great. They expose them to basic math, science projects, early reading and much more. We are very excited about the curriculum and the teachers. We know our preschooler is ready for Kindergarden. We highly recommend this center to anyone looking for great quality care and learning for their child.
L. and A. Wolff - NC
Truly a Wonderful Place
We were enrolled in 2 other Daycares before we started at Kids-R-Kids, and there is no comparison. I wish we had started here from Day 1. The staff is top notch, the building is perfect, plenty of room for the kids and well equipped. There is always someone to say greet you when you come in or to answer your questions at the front desk, and everyone there is very helpful. Also, seeing the owners of KRK in the building during the day is very reassuring. We love the fact that daily our children come home with workseets listing what they did that day, ate that day, etc.. and what is being taught for the week. This way we know what to work on with them at home. The internet cameras are very nice and there are mutliple cameras in each room, as well as outside and in the cafeteria. The extra-curricular activites they offer are excellent, such as computer tots and fitness flippers to name a few. I give Kids-R-Kids on Regency Road the highest recommendation possible.
T. Connolly - NC
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